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Clockwork City
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Sotha Sil - one of the three demigods of the tribunal along with Almalexia and Vivec and the most mysterious one. We've seen him once in the past as a twisted half-man half-machine in Tribunal expansion to TES III: Morrowind. Soon we will be able to visit his fabled city of mechanical dwemer constructs - Clockwork City. Enter the Brass Fortress, a heart of this twisted artificial metal realm where Clockwork God devotees work to augment their bodies and minds with machinery. Will we meet Sotha Sil himself? Time will tell.

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Currently, the Clockwork City patch is available on Public Test Realm and it will hit live servers in approximately two weeks. For those that don't want to spoil themselves the fun and rather wait for the live version ZOS dropped massive patch notes on the forum so let's have a glimpse at the main features and changes in this patch. 

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Clockwork City and Asylum Sanctorium: 

Hours of new content to explore and a new storyline to follow. Brass Fortress is a mechanical city, capital of this brass realm where priests of steam and gears constantly tinker with their bodies and create wondrous machines to praise their master, demigod Sotha Sil, but not everyone is a fan of Clockwork God in here and tensions within the bowels of the mechanical realm are brewing. 

New area contains two new world bosses and two new delves along with repeatable bounties and most importantly a new raid: Asylum Sanctorium. Fight the rejected Sotha Sil experiments on godhood. Clockwork God is in constant pursuit of immortality and ascension but he doesn't believe in mystical powers, instead, he believes that can be achieved by science and engineering, he tried to create his own saints but his experiments turned out to be twisted and mad, Asylum Sanctorum has been created to lock them away. Raid rewards new titles, skins, and furnishings but most importantly introduces us to new kind of weapons.

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Asylum Weapons: 

Continuing the trend set by Master and Maelstrom weapons. Asylum weapons are enhancing skills from one of the weapon skill-lines. There are two types of the weapons: Asylum and Perfect Asylum.

Perfect Asylum weapons can be obtained by defeating St. Olms with two of his allies at the same time instead of killing off the other two saints before Olms. Additionally ending up on Asylum Sanctorium will reward players with gold-quality Perfect Asylum weapon. 

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      • Chaotic Whirlwind
        • When you deal damage with Whirlwind, you add 8 seconds to your active Twin Slashes, Lacerate, and Blade Cloak over time effects. This effect can occur once per cast of those abilities.
      • Concentrated Force
        • Force Shock always applies the Burning, Concussion, and Chilled status effects. This effect can occur once every 5 seconds per enemy.
      • Defensive Position
        • When you reflect or absorb a spell projectile with Defensive Posture, you restore 1818 Magicka. If Defensive Posture expires without reflecting or absorbing a spell projectile, you restore 4545 Magicka instead.
      • Disciplined Slash
        • When you deal damage with Reverse Slash, you generate up to 14 Ultimate based on how much execute bonus damage it dealt.
      • Piercing Spray
        • When you deal damage with Arrow Spray, you cause enemies hit to take 45% more damage from the direct damage portion of your next Snipe, Scatter Shot, or Poison Arrow used within 5 seconds.
      • Timeless Blessing
          • When you cast Blessing of Protection, the cost of your next Grand Healing, Regeneration, or Steadfast Ward used within 5 seconds is reduced by 45%.

        New Item Sets, Collectibles, and Motifs: 

        As per usual, this DLC comes with a range of new craftable and droppable sets. There are 12 new Item Sets available from a variety of sources: 3 Item Sets available at crafting stations in Clockwork City, 3 Item Sets available as drops throughout Clockwork City, and 6 Item Sets available as drops in the new Trial, Asylum Sanctorium. 

        Two new motifs have been introduced to Clockwork City: The Apostate Style (dwemer inspired style of former Sotha Sil priests gained by doing quests in Brass Fortress) and The Ebonshadow Style (Nocturnal style, gained by performing quests in Blackfeather Court). 

        Two more motifs have been added to the previous DLC: Horns of The Reach. Dreadhorn Style and Bloodforge Style, obtained in the dungeons. 

        New collectibles, including the new target dummy in Clockwork city, are sure a treat for all the collectors: 

                    • Scintillant Dovah-Fly: This non-combat pet will join you when you first set foot in the Brass Fortress.
                    • Begone!: Obtain this Emote by completing the quest "Lost in the Gloam" in Clockwork City.
                    • Umbral Projector: This Memento is acquired by completing the achievement, the Hero of Clockwork City.
                    • Revolving Celestiodrome: This unique Furnishing is obtained by completing the quest "The Light of Knowledge" in Clockwork City.
                    • Trophy, Saint Olms the Just: This Furnishing is obtained by defeating St. Olms in Asylum Sanctorium on any difficulty.
                    • Bust, Saint Olms the Just: This Furnishing is obtained by defeating St. Olms in Asylum Sanctorium on Veteran difficulty.
                    • Sanctified Silver: This Skin is available from defeating St. Olms in Asylum Sanctorium with his allies in the same battle, on Veteran mode.
                    • Clockwork Curator: This Polymorph is rarely available as a Runebox, dropped from defeating St. Olms in Asylum Sanctorium with his allies in the same battle, on Veteran mode.

        For those of you that are more into interior design and lacked that dwarven-steampunkish-clockwork "umpf" ZOS prepared over 200 new furnishings

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        Finally here! The long-awaited feature comes as a base game upgrade. Now you can change the trait of the item, no longer you'll have to grind the same dungeon over and over to get that one item with the perfect trait! 

        So how does it work: 

                    • Transmutation can only be done at a Transmute Station, which is a new service station found in the Brass Fortress but the station can be bought with Writ Vouchers from Rolis Hlaalu the Master Writ Merchant
                    • Transmutation requires Transmute Crystals received for completing Veteran PvE activities such as Pledges, Trials, and Arenas, and several PvP sources such as Rewards for the Worthy, Battleground end of match rewards, and AvA end of campaign rewards. Transmute Crystals are an account wide, a capped currency which cannot be banked or traded.
                    • Transmutation requires having previously researched the desired trait.
                    • Jewellery cannot be transmuted.

        Along with transmutation new item status tracker has been added to communicate the item trait status: 



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        CRAZY TRAIN!

        New DLC comes also with new battleground game mode: Crazy King. It's a modified Domination mode but with a crazy twist. The game begins with one capture point in the middle of the map and then after a brief period of time, a second one is added. Wait a little longer and the initial capture point will start to change places randomly around the battleground!

        Changes changes changes!

        Those were the biggest changes of the PTS Patch notes but there are much more! New houses, bug fixes, balance changes, and more. You can read all about it on official ZOS forum post.

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