PUBG Corporation: Here comes the PUBG Corp.

PUBG Corporation
WhiskyBob 11.04.2019 0

Bluehole Inc. is expanding, following the success of their "battle royale" game Playerunknown's Battlegrounds team has decided to create a separate subsidiary that will handle nothing else but PUBG development and maintenance and that's how PUBG Seoul came to be.  

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Bluehole Inc. probably never expected to be such a success. Over 10 million copies sold, breaking DOTA 2 record for top concurrent players (on Steam) by thousands. This unexpected, but welcome, turn of events and recent 'Fortnite beef' forced the company to undertake some big structural changes within. This is why Bluehole Inc. decided to create its first subsidiary PUBG Seoul.


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This move is hoped to further the Punkbats popularity and push it towards e-sports and make it a "true global IP franchise". The Seoul team will focus solely on the development of the title and will consist mainly of the PUBG devs so it comes as no surprise that lead developer of the game Chang Han Kim became the head director of the newly created subsidiary. Woonghee Cho former CEO of Maui Games will become head of business development. Team plans to open offices in Japan and Europe to help their American branch with marketing strategies.


“Given PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS global success, we want to ensure that we have the operational efficiency that is required to support the game globally,” said Chang Han Kim, CEO, PUBG Corp. “This new structure allows us to be nimble as we look towards the expansion of strategic business opportunities that include the game’s potential in the esports sector and the growth of PUBG as a true global IP franchise.” 

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