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Tanking in Classic World of Warcraft is not only about taking damage, but also keeping aggro on you. Here we break down the best aggro-keepers in Vanilla WoW.
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If you ever wondered what to do in WoW Classic, we may have the answer for you. There are plenty of instances, where you can spend your time and amass wealth, gather exp or just socialize with your guild. We break them down for you.
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A brand new character class called Death Knight has been introduced to a Korean Lineage 2 server. Check out all the available info about this class and the Death Knight release trailer!
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If you need to craft some ranged weapons, you're in the right place! Check out this guide to find about the most important information about GW2 Huntsman!
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Tailoring allows you to craft armor sets for the scholar professions. Read this guide to learn the most important things about utilizing and leveling GW2 Tailor!
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Armorsmith is the crafting discipline responsible for making heavy armors. They're used by soldier professions: Warrior, Guardian and Revenant. Check out this guide to learn more about it!