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Weaponsmith is the most lucrative of the three weapon crafting dsiciplines in Guild Wars 2. Learn why in our GW2 Weaponsmithing Guide!
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Hunter pets are extremely important in Classic WoW. They can help a lot with solo farming, PvP and even raids! Check out this guide to know what pets to choose for every ocassion!
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What is the best, the most useful and all-rounded profession in Classic WoW? What is worth sacrificing stable gold income for? We might just have an answer.
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In-game currencies and getting them are one of the most important aspects in MMO games. World of Warcraft gave a whole new meaning to farming. What is the World of Warcraft Gold worth? Check out for yourself.
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Brutish and Relentless Horde, or Noble and Proud Alliance? Choose your side today!
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Dominate Warsong Gulch Instance in World of Warcraft Classic! Here you will find everything you should know in one article!
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Fishing in WoW Classic is a great secondary profession to pick up. While it's definitely not an obligatory activity, you can make worthwhile amounts of gold off of it. Check out the most valuable fish and where to find them!
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Every hardcore players will try to be one of the first to kill Ragnaros in phase 1 of Vanilla. The Molten Core raid can reward players Tier 1 Armor Sets. Later raid sets can be looted in Blackwing Lair and Naxxramas.
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Thinking about a class in Vanilla? Or you've already chosen and you want to know, if the choice was right? Don't wait! Start reading our WoW Classic leveling tier list.
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Wanna know what Alterac Valley is? What are win conditions of this battleground and how to fulfill them? Check out this guide and learn everything you need to know.