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Learn about all the most valuable consumables that you can craft with the Guild Was 2 Chef profession. Check why and how to level up this crafting discipline in our GW2 Cooking Guide!
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Spoiling is a great way of making extra Adena in Lineage 2 Classic. Getting the additional materials and other items can really get your in-game economy going. Read this guide to learn the basics of spoiling. Find out about the best zones and monsters that can make you swim in Adena!
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In Lineage 2 Classic you only need a single class to craft every category of items! Warsmith that later advances into Maestro, can create weapons, armors, jewelry and various consumables. Read this guide to learn ins and outs of crafting in Lineage 2!
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Harness the power of tecnological progress and use some crazy machines to defeat your enemies! As a GW2 Engineer you're going to be able to spawn turrets, throw grenades, use elixirs, burn foes with a flamethrower and much more! Check out all those possibilities and the best ways of taking advantage of them in our Guld Wars 2 Engineer guide!