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Leveling in Lineage 2 is strongly focused around quests. They’re extremely important if you want to gather experience in the quickest possible way. In current version of the game you can progress much quicker than in the old times. Get to endgame as fast as possible thanks to our Lineage 2 leveling guide!
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Best leveling guides for each of the skills on OldSchool RuneScape are at MMOAuctions. Find best methods to level up Ranged in RuneScape.
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A guide to Firemaking skill in OldSchool RuneScape. Find out best routes to reach 99 as fast as possible and earn money while leveling.
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Lineage 2 Classic offers the players a variety of different classes. There are 31 of them and each one has some unique features. Check out this guide to learn about all the roles you can play in L2 Classic and which class suits you the most!
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Runes in Lineage 2 Classic are special items that you can use to add an extra effect to your weapon. There are eight types of runes and each of them has two possible special abilities it can endow the weapon with (which gives a total choice of 16 bonuses). Click here to find out about all the possibilities of runes in L2 Classic!
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Kamaels were created as a living weapons to fight gods. Read this guide to find all about this powerful winged race and all the Kamael classes in Lineage 2!
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Getting enough Adena to buy all the items you need, can be a tough task in Lineage 2. Especially as NCSoft keeps adding new item grades to the game and finds new ways of endgame progression for the players. Even the characters that are maxed out and rich in one patch can struggle to upgrade all their gear in the next one. Getting the desired equipment is even harder for new players.
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Dark Elf is one of the core races in Lineage 2. It got introduced to the game since the beginning, along Human, Elf, Orc and Dwarf. Similarly to Humans and Elves, they have the access to most of the playstyles existing in the game. They have the highest base damage statistics what makes them extremely deadly in combat. Check out this guide to learn more about Lineage 2 Dark Elves!
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Interested in L2 Skills? In this tutorial, you will read common information about Lineage 2 Skills. All in one place.
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A guide to Agility skill in OldSchool RuneScape. Find out best routes to reach 99 as fast as possible and earn money while leveling.