All You Need to Know About FootballTeam!

All You Need to Know About FootballTeam!
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All you need to know about FootballTeam

FootballTeam is a new football simulator that allows players to create their character and start a career. You may not have heard of it yet, but this state of things changes right this second! Even though it has some advanced features, you can play it directly in your web browser! The title is multidimensional – the player has to take care of developing their footballer by training, finding a team, balancing multiple vital resources, and engaging in other fun activities! Bear with us, as we talk about the unique elements of FootballTeam and its overall identity!

And let’s get it out of the way – we’re talking about association football – the game that some of you may know as soccer. But even if you’re a fan of Tom Brady or Peyton Manning and not Cristiano Ronaldo or Leo Messi, you still might be interested in a well-designed sports simulator.


Play with and against other players

Each FootballTeam player can only pilot a single footballer. You create your character at the start of the game, and you’re stuck with him till the end (unless you want to create a new account, but then you won’t have access to all your progress, so it’s not recommended). That being said, football is a team game, and you need 11 players to field a full starting line-up. Some subs are also necessary.

In order to play in a league and fight for various trophies, you’ll have to join a team – this means cooperating with multiple other players. There’s a real person behind every FootballTeam character! This makes creating a club an exciting challenge – everyone can become a Team Owner, but succeeding at it requires some management skills. You not only have to schedule your team training sessions and balance your economy – but you also have to attract good and active players to your team and make sure that everyone gets along and wants to win. Social interactions are a massive part of FootballTeam – it’s really refreshing, especially if you get a few friends to play together. Moreover, you can gain extra Energy, Credits, and packs if you invite some friends through the affiliate program!

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Understanding what resources you have at hand and how to use them is a vital part of succeeding in FootballTeam. When you enter the game and look at the top right part of your screen, you’ll see four icons. They symbolize Energy, Health, Euro, and Credits.

Energy – a very important resource that can be used for training. It’s a key part of the game, especially early on, when you want to become strong enough to join/create a team. At the very least, everyone should make use of all the Energy that’s passively generated by their character (240 points per day). Besides, you can get more of this resource by spending some time eating in the Cafeteria, completing dailies, and winning Trick Duels.

Euro – one of the game’s currencies. Euro is another resource that you can spend on training. Each training session will cost you some Euro and Energy – as you become stronger, the price gets higher. Besides, you can use Euros to bet on matches and spend them on developing your team’s facilities. As an owner, you’ll also have to pay your players wages in Euros. This currency can be earned from sponsor contracts (once in a while, you will see a pop up saying that a company wants to give you some money, either take it or wait for a more lucrative offer. To be honest, I accepted every single one I received – free money doesn’t hurt). You can also work, but it takes time and Energy.

Health – the general condition of your player. It will only start to matter when you join a team. As you play in matches, you will lose Health. Every day, your character will regenerate 3% - it’s enough to play full 90 minutes of a league game, but if you’re taking part in some additional tournaments, you won’t be able to come back full Health. That’s why every strong team needs some reliable subs on its bench. This resource affects all the player’s skills – a footballer with 80% Health will only be able to use 80% of his abilities.

Credits – they’re the premium currency of the game. They’re used for trading between players and to buy Keys and Energy directly from the game shop. You can purchase them for real money, but f2p players can also acquire them – you can sell your stuff to other players on the Market and earn Credits or win them in Trick-Duels. You can even multiply your amount of Credits by flipping items on the Market (buy cheap and sell for more), but it’s risky and quite difficult. Buying Credits can definitely provide a bit of an advantage, but it won’t do anything unless you’re an active player who knows what do with them.

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Packs and items

In order to further amplify your player’s skills, you can equip items. There are shirts, shorts, socks, and boots. Each item can give you a bonus to one of your skills. The power of this boost depends on your item’s rarity. You can buy items from other players for Credits or get them by opening packs. You can learn more about it in our FootballTeam Items Guide.

Players Skills and OVR

There are eight different player skills in FootballTeam – Offensive, Defensive, Playmaking, Pressing, Efficacy, Stamina, Set Pieces, and Reading. The most important skills for your player will depend on the position you chose. The only exceptions are Stamina and Set Pieces – they’re useful for basically every player. OVR is calculated by adding all the skill values and dividing them by eight. It’s a good way of estimating the overall strength of a player or team. That being said, having a higher OVR doesn’t guarantee you a victory. Upsets don’t happen very often, but I’ve seen a few of them in my time playing the game. You can learn more about the FootballTeam skills in our Training Guide!

FootballTeam Matches

The matches are shown in the form of a live written commentary that describes everything that happens on the field. Players can’t directly control their footballers during the FootballTeam games. The managers, of course, can make substitutions to impact the game in real-time, and the players have some tools at their disposal (activating and changing playstyles), but for the most part, the game plays itself. You have to wait and see whether your team’s tactics and abilities are enough to defeat the opponents.

This type of gameplay might not be for everyone, but keeping an eye on the played match feels like following your favorite team, while not being able actually to watch the game. Besides, there are some other benefits. You don’t have to press the buttons fast to succeed what makes the game more inclusive and easier to pick up. Besides, you won’t have high ping or other Internet issues running your matches. Finally, while it’s generally a good idea to show up online for every game, missing out once for a while is not the end of the world. Your important plans or a family emergency won’t ruin the season for you and your teammates! 



Other Activities

Practicing your player’s skills and improving with your team are the essential parts of FootballTeam. This is what allows you to win matches, advance to higher leagues, and get trophies! However, there are a few other interesting activities in FootballTeam.

Trick Duels are an interesting minigame that can offer valuable rewards. The players face each other in a simple card game. You can increase your chances of victory by training your tricks before you queue up. As opposed to regular training, this doesn’t cost Euros or Energy – it only takes time. However, there’s a chance of failure.

The players can also bet on other matches. You have to pick a game and bet a certain amount of Euros on one of the teams. An algorithm calculates the odds – sometimes, it’s easy to see who the game has as the favorite. You can also check the teams’ line-ups and recent track records. Besides, players can perform dailies and complete achievements. The game opens up many great possibilities, especially when you join a team and start participating in competitions.

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As you can see, FootballTeam offers a lot of possibilities to its players. But you don’t have to take our word for it – you can try it out yourself. Sign up, play this fantastic sports simulator, and see it with your own eyes!


What is OVR in FootballTeam?

OVR (overall) is the average skill level of your player. It’s calculated by adding the value of all eight skills and dividing it by eight.

Are there NPC footballers in FootballTeam?

No, all members of every squad are piloted real players. Each person can have a single character in FootballTeam, so you’ll have to join up with your friends or other people to play in a team.


How can you spend Energy on FootballTeam?

Energy can be spent on training to increase your skills and working to earn more Euros.  

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