Black Desert Online: Mobile release announced and financial report.

Black Desert Online Mobile release
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Black Desert is in quite turmoil with recent balance changes but even that can't change the fact that it is one of the most financially successful titles currently on the market. Pearl Abyss doesn't stop there and releases a financial report and announces the mobile version. 

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BDO financial report

Pearl Abyss, the Korean developer of Black Desert Online had been listed on the stock market last year. Today their first financial report, from the first quarter of 2018, was released to the public. Peal Abyss recorded revenue of 75 billion KRW (around USD 70.4 million) during this time, with an operating profit of 33.5 billion KRW (around USD 31.5 million) and a net profit of 27.8 billion KRW (around USD 26 million). The great financial success comes largely from releasing the game on the Steam platform last year and continuous improvements to the game (however the recent changes remain quite controversial). 


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Black Desert Online mobile release

In other news, PA has finally announced the release date of the long-anticipated mobile version of the game. During the quarterly earnings report, it was announced that the game will be released in Taiwan and South-East Asia in Q3 2018. North American and European players will have to wait for the Black Desert Online mobile till Q1 2019. 

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The mobile version of the game will be released with five classes: Warrior, Ranger, Witch, and Valkyrie that will use the same, slightly changed, skills as their PC counterparts. The enhancing system will be changed making it more grindy and less luck-based, meaning - if you grind hard enough you basically can guarantee a 100% success rate when enhancing the item, unlike the PC version. Black Desert mobile will be not connected with the PC version by any means, it will be a totally separate game that will require Galaxy S5 grade (or higher) device to run. 

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