Classic WoW Stress Test for North America and Oceania Players!

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wow classic server stress test

World of Warcraft Classic servers will have their Stress Test, starting June 19th, and ending on June 21th. All North American and Oceania WoW players, that possess an active account will be invited to join other players in their adventures at 2 PM, Pacific Daylight Time.


For those who did not expect such a surprise, do not worry, as the day before on Tuesday June 18th, Classic World of Warcraft will allow you to download the client to prepare for the time-limited launch.

What content will be available?

For this stress test - all races and classes will be available for all players to create, and the maximum level will be capped at 15. It is also worth to mention that after reaching level 15 - instanced content will unlock, allowing you to access locations like Warsong Gulch, Ragefire Chasm, Wailing Caverns, and of course - Deadmines.

You will surely find some time to enjoy every piece of content presented during this 48-hour gameplay window. But there’s one more important thing.


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Prepare for Official Launch

That’s not only the best time to have a chance at enjoying the game, it’s a good time to do your part for this community. Stress tests serve not only as a fun playtime, but as a complex form of preparations for the global launch that will become reality on August 27, 2019. Which makes it important to focus on playing the game during the starting hours when all players will log in. This will ensure that during the official launch - the game will be stable for everyone to enjoy.


It’s also important to use the in-game Bug Report system that will allow players to report any bug experienced in the gameplay on the go. Simply open the Bug Report menu, write down the issues, and send them to Blizzard with one click.


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