Dragon Bash Festival Returns to Guild Wars 2!

Guild Wars 2 Dragon Bash Festival
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Guild Wars 2 Dragon Bash Festival

The dragon-themed event is returning to GW2 tomorrow – on June 26th.  After six years people of Tyria will gather once again to celebrate the defeat and death of the Elder Dragon – this time Kralkatorrik.


Obviously the joy is temporary and another great force will threaten Tyria sooner or later, but until July 16th, it is time to rejoice. The main ceremony will take place in the Norn city of Hoelbrak.


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Dragon Bash Activities

Numerous beloved activities from the 2013 edition will return. That means players will have a chance to interact with Holographic Dragon Minions, Dragon Effigies, Dragon Pinatas, Moa Racing, Dragon Arena. You will also be able to take part in the brand new Dragon Bash Rally, a race for players and their mounts.


The Candy currency unique to this event called Zhaitaffy will also return. If you manage to collect a certain amount, you’ll be able to trade it for Jorbreakers that you can turn in for some really sweet rewards. Unsurprisingly, a huge chunk of the new content will be associated with the flying dragon mount Skyscale, it’s a dragon-themed festival after all. However, some features will be available only through Gem Store, locked behind a paywall

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There are plenty of activities involving combat (some of them will require you to team up, for simply being too difficult to complete on your own), but you don’t have to fight to get lots of Zhaitaffy currency. You can just keep participating in the Dragon Bash Rally, or even place your bets in the Moa Racing.


Get ready for the celebration of Dragon Bash 2019! Check out the official trailer below and if you’re interested to take a look at the Guild Wars 2 category at MMOAuctions. 

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