How EVE Online Jump Clones works?

EVE Online Jump Clones
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EVE Online Jump Clones allow capsuleers instant transfer of their consciousness between spare bodies. Jump Clones are a separate entity to your medical clone and should be treated as such. Base clone a.k.a Medical Clone is your clone you start the game with and the clone you wake up in after every “unfortunate accident”. Imagine jump clones as spare bodies and your mind can only occupy one at the time. You can travel great distances fast using this method but all the physical augmentations will stay on your previous body (implants)

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EVE Online Jump Clones Skills

Jump clones require certain skills, ISK to set up and can be used at any time (reuses have cooldown unless you are bored and jumping between your spare bodies in the same station or structure.


Thanks to this mechanics you can easily jump between various parts of the space within certain limitations. In order to create a jump clone you need to learn the skill called Infomorph Psychology to, at least, level one. Each level grants you ability to purchase additional jump clone, you can increase your spare body storage up to 10 jumpies by training Advanced Infomorph Psychology. Your medical clone does not count towards your total “body count”.


You can establish a jump clone at stations with Clone Bay facilities for as little as 900.000 ISK. Other then that you can also create a jump clone in player owned citadels and capital ships with Clone Vat Bays installed (Titans and Rorquals for example).


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Once you have your clone set you can activate it anywhere from your character ship. You can do so even in the middle of the space, you will, however, need to eject your current ship to do so. Jumping is instant but there is a 24 hour cooldown between jumps, you can reduce that time by 5 hours by leveling up Infomorph Synchronizing skill to level five.


Your jump clones are forever although they can be destroyed. If you simply get destroyed in your jump clone you will “respawn” at your set home station. However, if a capital ship or a citadel that holds one of your clones will get destroyed it will be lost forever.


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So why do you need a jump clone?

Thanks to jump clone technology you can quickly travel all around EVE universe, with a smart distribution of your spare bodies you can have a jump clone in every important trade hub in New Eden. By using jump clone, you can save yourself from losing all those extremely expensive implants on your “main” whenever you are going for some casual PVP. Jump clones tech also lets you have various bodies with various set of implants, you can have your training clone, hybrid turret clone, shield tank clone or exploration clone. Jump clones will make it possible to quickly aid your comrades in combat or invade territory of others.

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I hope you’ll find this guide helpful, keep your jump clones clean and fly safe o7

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