EVE Online Citadels - Fitting, Refineries, Engineering Complexes

EVE Online Citadels
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EVE Online Citadels is a term used by new players to describe all Upwell Structures. In reality “Citadel” is one of three kinds of such structures.

Table of contents:

1. EVE Online Citadels.

2. Refineries.

3. Engineering Complexes.

4. Fitting.


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Upwell structures provide the same services as any NPC space station and can be expanded further by equipping it with proper service modules.

All structures provide same set of basic services: tethering, hangar, ship fitting, insurance, repair, contracting, corporation offices.


Service modules available for upwell structures will require fuel to stay online but can give users of your station access to: market, clone bay, reprocessing, research, invention, manufacturing, capital ship manufacturing, super capital ship manufacturing, booster reactions, composite reactions, hybrid reactions and moon mining.


If a module runs out of fuel all manufacturing and research jobs will be paused (but not cancelled), clone access will be locked and market will go offline. The materials and clones will not be destroyed but you cannot access them until the service is brought back online. Research jobs can be cancelled but will not return any of the materials used.

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Out of all the services only moon mining, reactions and supercapital ship manufacturing are restricted to certain stations, all others can be installed to any of the citadels. Another important limitation is that a clone bay fitted in an upwell structure that is in a wormhole space cannot be jumped to.


Upwell structures have many advantages to a NPC station. Tethering, for example, allows pilots to feel safe in immediate vicinity of a friendly citadel which allows you to safely “warp on 0” to that structure and provides safety when you are aligning away from it. Upwell structures with a clone bay allow pilots to swap their clones without triggering a cooldown and engineering complexes give their users significant bonuses over regular NPC stations.


There are three types of upwell structures currently in EvE Online: Citadels, Refineries and Engineering Complexes. We will briefly describe each type.


what are EVE Online Citadels

Citadels are structures that are designed to serve as base of operation. They receive various bonuses to the station defensive weaponry effectiveness and reduced fuel usage of market service and cloning bay. Citadels have shortest vulnerability timer and longer combat windows so it makes them way easier to defend then other types. There are three sizes of citadels: Astrahus (medium sized upwell structure), Fortizar (large) and Keepstar (extra large). Each station can fit different sizes of ships and only Keepstar can fit supercapitals like supercarriers and titans, additionally Keepstar can utilize doomsday weapons to defend itself.



The refinery's main purpose is to refine materials, give capsuleers access to reactions and moon mining. Those are the only structures that are able to perform those two tasks. As expected refineries receive bonuses to refining and reprocessing yields. There are two types of refineries medium Athanor and large Tatara. Out of the two only Tatara allows rorquals to dock.


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Engineering Complexes

As the name suggests, Engineering Complexes provide capsuleers with bonuses towards research and manufacturing while the related modules use less fuel than on other stations. Additionally engineering complexes provide lower material usage per manufacturing job and lower installation fees. There are three engineering complexes available, medium Raitaru, large Azbel and extra-large Sotiyo. Azbel can be used to manufacture capital ships but if you want to build a supercapital you will need a Sotiyo.



Structures can be fit pretty much like any ships. If you are allowed to control a citadel you can just open up the fitting window and install modules just as you would on your ships. To turn module “online” you will need to have a fuel in the fuel bay. Same rules apply to the fighter bay (which works just like the carrier fighter bay) and the ammo hold. Fits can be saved and shared just like ship fits.


Fighters used in the Citadel do not require any drone skills and no fighter bonuses from skills apply. There are four upwell structure skills that are pretty quick to learn since they are only x2:

  • Structure Doomsday Operation: 2% reduction in Arcing Vorton Projector duration per level

  • Structure Electronic Systems: 3% reduction in capacitor consumption of all structure electronic warfare and tackle modules per level

  • Structure Engineering Systems: 2% reduction in capacitor consumption of all structure energy neutralizers and point defense batteries per level

  • Structure Missile Systems: 2% bonus to all structure missile and guided bomb damage per level.

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