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Best Lol apps
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Welcome to our guide for the best League of Legends apps. Below you will find information on some of the most famous programs and websites that can help you step up your game and improve your experience within it. If you are interested in other League of Legends articles and guides you can find them on our blog page.


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What do you need LoL apps for?

Best lol app for PC, Android, and iPhone

Best lol websites


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What do you need LoL apps for?

League of Legends is a game created with a vision of quick accessibility. Riot Games wants to make LoL as easy to play as possible. This is the very reason why you can't find complicated statistics, deep data and a high amount of information on the menu. This is not an issue since all of this can be found on both League related websites and applications created by the player base. Most of the players right after logging in, start the game search and after the finished game either quit or queue for another one. Only a small percent of players seek information that can improve their gaming experience and make them better at what they do.

If you are one of the said players who seek additional data in analyzing matches, champions statistics, builds, runes and so on - League apps and websites are there for you. Most of them provide champion builds developed and used by pro players and community - you can use the experience of other players to learn faster about what you are doing wrong and what can you improve to get better at League. 

There are also more detailed apps which can give you a glance at what hero counters are available in your matchup, specific champion win ratios, strength, weaknesses, and others. On top of that, there are also apps that allow you to watch pro matches, tournaments, videos and clips from LoL games. You have to decide on your own which is the one that you need and we are there to help you with this decision.


Just keep in mind, that you have to be versatile and adjust the app suggestions to the specific game. If you are behind you may skip your core items for something more defensive. If you stomped your lane, you may want to go for a more snowballing build. None games are ever the same, remember it. The app can be helpful, but it will not play on your behalf.

Best lol app for PC, Android, and iPhone

Without any doubt, it is tough to point out the best application which will fit the needs of every user. Having a League of Legends app might be very handy to manage your guild, talk with your friends, check live streams, see builds, analyze your previous games and others. Different programs have different specifications, pros, cons, functions, and design. Some people might love one and some the other so make sure to treat our list with a little bit of distance. Let's have a look at what most popular apps have to offer.

Every player who likes to watch others play and learn from them should have It is an essential streaming application that allows you to watch favorite entertainers and tournaments on your mobile device. Twitch is available on both iOS and Android devices and can easily be installed within seconds. Whether you want to improve in gaming or just to have fun watching others play - you should give this app a whirl.


Perversely this application is not the direct tool to improve your gaming experience within Summoners Rift but to download other tools instead. It is a software platform developed to help users create extensions for League of Legends. Regular players who don’t want to make their own apps can use Overwolf to easily get new extensions and to check out which ones are currently trending.

If you are aiming to improve your rank in the game and gain both experience and knowledge of your opponent you should check out Unlike other applications, this one finds a data on its own. No more typing, scrolling, looking for builds and runes. This app does it all by itself. All you have to do is to install it on your computer and run League. Now when you are in the lobby program will automatically show you builds and runes for a champion that you have chosen. 


Furthermore, you can read there about tactics, strategies, counters, lane synergies, and everything else that you need to know. It is without a doubt one of the best programs to use for the Riot Games title. If you are worried about your credentials like login or password you should be appeased by the information that this app is certified, by Riot so it has every safety precaution included. The only downside is that it has to be installed on your Windows/MacOS, for there is no version for mobile users.


Also, keep in mind that it will sometimes override your usual setup, like swap summoners to a different button, change runes. Keep an eye on it.


If you want to get an app that will let you analyze every statistic possible Mobalytics might be your choice. They have created a huge database with many numbers, stats, and graphs so those who like to check every statistic one by one and compare numbers will be in heaven. In addition to that, it analyzes players play style and shows what they lack and what they have to improve. It also measures what is the real skill of the player to show which field the user has to get better.

LoL Sumo

This is basically your League of Legends database. LoLSumo will tell you what team composition to aim for, which counters you can pick, what skill order and runes are best for your champions. Even more importantly it shows you ranks of your teammates and enemies so you will have an idea about which players you have to look out for and which are the most dangerous. If you want to optimize your games in a way that you can be the best - getting application such as LoL Sumo might be the way.


However, do not mindlessly follow their tips. Sometimes even if you have a theoretically skilled mid player with a counterpick, it doesn’t mean you have free LP coming. 

Ready up for League of Legends

As Riot Games did not put enough emphasis on statistics during a League of Legends match, players need to use tool which can provide such information. Ready up for LoL gives you every detail on your and enemy team's strengths and weaknesses. On top of that, you can browse through builds of pro players to see what mentality they take to win the toughest of games. In addition to that, you can check in-depth match history that analyzes which items were bought at what time and which skills were leveled before the others. This much information analyzed will improve your skill in no time.

League of Legends Friends

Imagine a situation where your team awaits you with a prepared match but your bus came late so you couldn't make it. Without a doubt, they would be angry. This is where League of Legends Friends come in handy. This app lets you login to your LoL account on the mobile so you can easily access your friends list and chat with other players. You might be worried about your login information but fear not - this is official Riot application so your credentials are safe. Now that you have it you can contact your friends wherever you are. Although there are not many functions yet, Riot Games promised to expand this concept and improve the League of Legends Friends app in the nearest future.


The most recognized site about LoL statistics provides one of the best analytic applications. OP.GG is available for both Android and iOS devices and can be a great tool to see the real strength of your enemies. You can see winning streaks of those who you are matched against just after the match begins. This ensures that the Fair Play aspect is preserved.

There also is plenty of software that can give you a much more significant advantage. Take a look at the offers of LoL Hacks and Cheats available at MMOAuctions if you want to find out!

Best LoL websites

If you are not planning to use applications then you might also want to check out what written sources have to offer. There are even more of those since it is much easier to create a database and you can access it on any device. Below we will cover a few most important websites in the field of statistics. Keep in mind, that using websites can be much more troublesome during a match than LoL apps so they are more of a pre-match source of information than in-game companions.


Probably the most recognized source of guides and League of Legends news among websites. MobaFire has been there from the early days of LoL, providing amazing guides made by the community. It is a great source of knowledge even now years after its release. In addition to that, sharing your own knowledge on MobaFire is very simple so if you want to teach others how to play a certain role or champion - this is most definitely a place for you.


Without a doubt, this is the most used League of Legends website. It hoards tons of data and information about every League of Legends player including pros. It is also arguably the most accurate LoL statistics website available on the internet. Most importantly both apps and websites are continuously growing and improving so for sure we will see more new functions and more data. If you are a true LoL fan you should try it at least once.


Also, if offers a possibility to see information about your teammates as you are in the lobby. If you copy all of the text in the lobby chat (“user xxxxx logged in”) and paste it into the browser, it will ignore everything but the user login. This way, you will know, who’s off-role, who’s a one-trick, whether you need to secure the first pick for him or not. You will see their winning or losing streaks, best picks and so on.

This is yet another old school website used by LoL players for a very long time now. It has statistics like win rates, performance rankings, and champion rankings. On top of that, there are builds for every hero and every role that this champion can fulfill. By entering statistics on their website you can also check what players average in CS, gold earned, killing sprees, win percentages, play percentage, ban rates, etc. It is also worth noting that this site is a database to previously mentioned application so if you want their statistics on mobile this might be the right choice.

If you are not into checking complicated statistics and charts, analyzing data and match history and you would rather just see straight up what to build on your champion - this might be the website for you. After opening their page you can see a search window. By simply typing the champion name you can find what build was recently used on him by pro players. This can be extremely useful after item patches when you are uncertain what will be the new meta. This gives you an unfair advantage against your opponents in the ranked games.

Safety of League apps

Most definitely we cannot give you a black or white answer for that concern. Not all of the apps are safe but without a doubt, there are some trustworthy. It is up to you to decide whether you want to risk your credentials using fishy 3rd party programs or not. It might sound scary but also, in reality, there are many programs which you can trust. To find out if the app is secure head over to the official website of the chosen program and try to find information about Riot approval. If it is confirmed safe by Riot then you have nothing to worry about - you won't get banned from using it and your credentials are one hundred percent safe.


 LoL Accounts


This is the end of this article. If you want to learn more about League of Legends we have a special section full of guides and helpful documents so make sure to check those out. You check their tactics for your laning phase on middle, jungle, top and bot lanes, strategies for TFT mode, item guides, tier lists and more. If you are interested in other titles we have it all on our blog just visit and head to the news category by clicking its logo.

If this article was helpful to you make sure to share your opinion on the comment section below. Those of you who have questions and concerns are welcome to write to us on our customer chat where we are waiting for 24/7 to help you with every issue that comes across your mind.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Blitz.GG?

Blitz.GG is a desktop application available for both Windows and MacOS made by creators which also uses OP.GG website data. It helps players find statistics automatically during the game without searching or typing. The application is safe and approved by Riot Games.


Can you get banned for using Overwolf?

Just like Blitz.GG - Overwolf is an application confirmed safe by Riot Games.


Is the Blitz App Safe?

Yes. It is certified by creators of League of Legends.


Is Mobalytics free?

Yes, it is a free tool that can be used by every player.


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