EVE Online Resource Wars - What permissions do various sites give us

EVE Online Resource Wars
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Along with moon mining, EVE Online: Lifeblood expansion also introduced a unique form of co-op PVE content in form of Resource Wars. Resource Wars are co-op challenges with shared goals that have to be fulfilled within the time limit. When you enter the site and the clock starts ticking you need to start gathering resources and filling up NPC freighters while defending yourself and the site from pirates that would love to stop your operation.

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Table of contents

  • EVE Online sites variety in Resource Wars 
  • Resource Wars Community
  • What awaits us after completing the site

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EVE Online sites variety in Resource Wars 

Different sites allow different ship sizes and the number of pilots. Also, higher tier sites have certain standing requirements with the faction you will be doing the resource war site for.

Level 1: Limited Mining Expedition. Those sites allow Corvettes and Frigates (including Venture) to join and a total number of pilots allowed is three. The site has no standings requirement and has to be completed within 12 minutes.

Level 2: Minor Mining Expedition. This site allows expedition frigates and destroyers to join as well as four pilots. It has to be completed within 10 minutes and requires 1.0 standing with the faction you are doing the expedition for.

Level 3: Standard Mining Expedition allows five pilots to join and ship line-up can now consist of cruisers and mining barges. You have 12 minutes to complete the tasks but also you are required to have faction standing of 3.0 to join.

Level 4: Major Mining Expedition a group of 6 pilots can now field battlecruisers and exhumers. You need standing of 5.0 to join and you have 12 minutes to complete the site.

Level 5: Critical Mining Expedition toughest of them all. Accept groups of seven pilots and hulls up to Battleship. You need standing of 7.0 and have 15 minutes to complete the task.


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Resource Wars Community

If you are a lone-wolf but would like to have a taste of this content you can always join Resource Wars chat channel in the game to find fellow pilots to face the challenge with.

Depending on the faction you will be looking for different types of ore. Amarr is looking for Raspite, Caldari goes for Polycrase, Gallente needs Moissanite and Minmatar has a demand for Kangite. Once you fill up your cargo simply approach one of the on-site NPC haulers, open their inventory, and drag-and-drop the ore. Once you move the goods to the hauler the progress bar will update.

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What awaits us after completing the site

Completing the site will reward all participant with standings, LP and ISK. Mining corporations for each faction have a separate LP store. Each store includes cosmetic items like jackets but also packs with Procurer, Venture, Frigate, Destroyer, Cruiser, Battlecruiser, and Battleship. All packs include hull with basic T1 fit and volatile skin.

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