RS3 Smithing guide - All you need to know about Smithing

RS3 Smithing guide
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What is smithing?

Smithing is a f2p skill which allows players to process ores into bars. Those metal bars can be furthermore processed to make various weapons, armors, and tools from them. Depending on whether you want to level up or make money on Smithing it can be extremely time-consuming or very easy to train but expensive at the same time. Let's get into RS3 Smithing guide.


The best location to use Anvil is west Varrock bank since they are so close to eachother. Furnace can be found close to Lumbridge Combat Academy. Since Jagex implemented Smithing rework on RS3 this skill has been updated with new mechanics. Currently, creation of Burial armors at Artisan Workshop has been changed and is no longer best method to train Smithing. As this update was a pretty big project that changed this skill forever - there are many reasons to find out what is required right now to forge equipment and what are general costs of materials to train Smithing skill. In this guide you will find all most efficient methods to level up. 


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RS3 Smithing - Items that can help during smithing training:


Vessels created from Soft Clay and burned in a furnace. They can be used to accumulate bonus experience during the training process. Urns can be either made with crafting skill or bought from Grand Exchange and need to be activated with fire rune (making them untradeable).

Smithing is one of the most expensive skills to train. Get your RS3 Gold here to make sure that you have enough to max out the skill.

Depending on the player level there are many Urn types. The higher player level is, the more experience can be gathered by higher tier Urn. Each vessel can be put in inventory and will store 20% of experience accumulated during smelting up to a certain cap determined by Urn type. After filling up vessels player can teleport them away to gain experience accumulated inside them.


Portable Forges

These items can be acquired from Treasure Hunter or GE. They are extremely useful during leveling up the process since you can put them close to the bank making withdrawing and depositing of items take little to no time. In addition to that player can choose from either 5% chance of gaining additional bar on smelting or 10% chance of not losing a bar upon processing. There is also a 10% bonus experience while training on these machines but there is a downside too. They only last few minutes.

To find other player forges user can join ‘portables’ friends chat where players share their locations. Popular spots for them are Taverley and Lumbridge Combat Academy.


Blacksmith’s Outfit

Wearing Blacksmith Outfit pieces increases all smithing experience gains by additional bonus. Set consists of 5 parts: helmet, top, apron, boots, and gloves. Each part equipped enhances experience gains by an additional 1%. There is also a special bonus for wearing every piece which is also 1%. The player wearing full set will receive total of 6% of additional experience while leveling. To get this set player need to take part in some of Artisan Workshop activities or win them in Treasure Hunter.


Scroll of Efficiency

This scroll is possible to acquire after 55 levels in both Smithing and Dungeoneering. After using it the player will gain the ability to save some of the bars that he uses during smithing item that is worth at least 3 bars. As it is related to Dungeoneering, it can be bought with skill related tokens from Marmaros - NPC outside of Daemonheim castle.


Goldsmith Gauntlets

If the player decides that he wants to smelt gold bars it is very important that he brings with him a pair of those. Goldsmith Gauntlets dramatically increase experience gained during that process with over 2 times experience bonus. Each bar smelted will reward the player with 56.2 instead of 22.5 experience. To acquire those gloves player need to complete Family Crest quest. After completion player will be rewarded with Family Gauntlets that can be transformed into Goldsmithing Gauntlets.

There are also other items that can help like Morytania Legs 2, Varrock Armour 2, Coal Bag as their usage is very situational, we won’t be elaborating their usage.


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RS3 Smithing Guide - Leveling route

Levels 1-30

Knight’s Sword quest

The best way of leveling your smithing on lowest level is to do one simple quest that requires only 10 mining. Knight’s Sword quest is very short as it will only take around 5 minutes to complete. Doing this will save you a lot of time since getting to 29 smithing otherwise would take at least 30 minutes if not more. After completing your task you will need to get 10 steel bars and make Steel Platebodies with them to finish your leveling to 30.


Levels 30-40

Mithril Platebody

We will be making Mithril Platebodies from nothing to the highest upgrade (base, +1 and +2). For that process, you will need 200 Mithril Bars.

This is the slow method that does not require too much gold but there is also a more expensive one which speeds up the process by a considerable amount. For this method, you will need 10 +1 Platebodies that you will upgrade to +2.


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Levels 40-50

Adamant Platebody

After hitting level 40 there are new ways of gaining experience. Destroying Armors will reward players with amazing xp/hr rates but will drain a lot of gold along with leveling as you will need to use the highest possible upgrade on Burial Armor.

For cheaper but slower method we can create Adamantium Platebodies upgrade them all the way to +2. To do this we will need 380 adamantium bars.


Levels 50-60

Rune Platebody

During this phase leveling smithing with burials becomes extremely fast and expensive at the same time. It is over 5 times faster to destroy +3 Rune Platebodies than create them from scratch. If you are very wealthy in the game it is advised to start doing burials.

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For those who want steady exp income without spending your whole bank at once making rune platebody from nothing to highest upgrade requires 720 rune bars and going for the highest upgrades (more expensive than doing from scratch and less than doing burials) requires 36x rune platebody +2 and 720 bars.


Levels 60-70

Orichalcum Plates

This time leveling with burials will be 4 times as fast as creating new armors and upgrading them.

Slowest but cheapest method - creating Orikalkum Plates from nothing to the highest possible upgrade.

Requires: 1330 Orikalkum Bars

Middle ground method - upgrading Orikalkum Plates from +2 to +3

Requires : 67 Orikalkum Plates +2 and 1340 Orikalkum Bars

Expensive but fastest method - Destroying +3 Platebodies

Requires: 67 Orikalkum Plates +3


Levels 70-80

Necronium Plates

Cheap but slow - From nothing to +4 - 2500 Necronium Bars

Not so cheap not that slow - From +3 to +4 - 63 Plates +3 and 2520 Bars

Fast but expensive - Destroying +4 - 63 +4 Plates


Levels 80-90

Bane Plates

Cheap but slow - From nothing to +4 - 4800 Bane Bars

Not so cheap but not that slow - From +3 to +4 - 120 Plates +3 and 4800 Bane Bars

Fast but expensive - Destroying +4 - 120 +4 Plates


Levels 90-99

Elder Rune Plates


Cheap but slow - From nothing to +5 - 7690 Elder Rune Bars

Not so cheap but not that slow - From +4 to +5 - 96 Plates +4 and 7690 Elder Rune Bars

Fast but expensive - Destroying +5 - 96 +5 Plates


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Money making on smithing

If you want to make some profit on smithing you want to do slowest one of the previous method on the highest possible tier of bars that you can. For example, at 50th level of Smithing, you want to craft from scratch +2 Rune Platebodies and sell them on Grand Exchange. On 70 you want to make Necronium +3 and sell it afterwards and so on. This will provide additional coins for your Smithing leveling 


Corrupted ore

For those who already have unlocked Prifddinas, there is a very afk-friendly method to train Smithing. Players above 89 Mining can mine Corrupted Ore in Trahaearn district of town. These Ores are untradeable and can be used for Smelting. Since they stack and don’t require too much of user input this is a great method for afk leveling.


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