RS3 Farming guide - how to reach level 99 Farming fast and efficient!

RS3 Farming Guide
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RuneScape by Jagex has offered us a giant open world of never-ending possibilities. The number of activities you are allowed to perform is breathtaking. By many, it is considered one of the closest games to real life.


Let us ask you a couple of questions - are you a friend to Mother Nature? Do you like plants, weeds, vines, and woods? Could you spend whole days in RuneScape just admiring those things?


It’s a sign, that you want to be the best farmer on the server.


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What is rs3 farming?

Farming is a members-only ability used to grow various crops, plants, and trees by using various seeds and saplings on corresponding types of farming locations. Follow this RS3 Farming Guide as it will explain you as simply as possible how to train it. You will gain enough knowledge to get from level 1 to level 99 farming with ease.

Seeds in the late gem get quite expensive. Make sure you have enough OSRS Gold to level up at the fastest pace!

Why skill Farming?

Growing and selling rare, highly demanded seeds and plants can make you a lot of profit. Since membership can be paid for with in-game gold coins, it’s more than ever worth a while to collect some more of those for a dark times. And farming is definitely more engaging and absorbing than afk Mining, Fishing, Cooking or Woodcutting. It will not make you quick coins, but at the end of the day nothing is quick in RuneScape.


You can also own a farm for yourself. Player owned farm is an option after reaching level 17 Farming and level 20 Construction. You no longer need to use locations such as Livid Farm or Herblore Habitat to effectively plant, grow and harvest plants.


And of course you’ll get a Farming Cape - a sign of elite farmers! Who would miss a chance to unlock such a marvelous content?



There are some items and features that can be used to boost your leveling.



Urns can be created by using crafting. Farming urns will fill while you are training the farming skill. When urn is full you can teleport it away and receive experience. To start using urns use nature runes on them - this activates its properties and makes them untradeable. If you are familiar to Magic, go for staff. This way you’ll save some runes and coins.  After finishing 10 urns at least one of them must be used before obtaining another one. As urns are very easy to obtain and can be used from low levels it is very important to always have the during farming runs.


Scroll of life

This is a dungeoneering item that you can purchase with tokens. After using this scroll you will be able to recover 10% of seeds while clearing full grown plants or diseased crops, dead tree as well as 5% of planted tree seeds. Although seeds that player get from clearing alive plants are the same as those planted, seeds gained from clearing dead plants will be random. As this scroll may require quite a lot of time put in the dungeoneering it is not worth going for if you just started.


Farmer’s outfit

A sign of true plant master.

Wearing farmer outfit pieces will increase experience gained during farming. It contains 5 pieces: hat, jacket, legwear, cuffs, and boots and gives an additional 1% experience if the player is wearing every piece. This gives a total of 6% of bonus experience. Set pieces can be won in Treasure Hunter and in Cabbage Facepunch Bonanza minigame. There is also Farmer’s hat add-on which is obtainable same way and it can be merged with regular Farmer Hat for additional bonuses like teleports to Morytania allotment patch. If you are considering leveling your farming skill to high levels these are most important farming equipment that you want to acquire.


Divine patches

These are a special type of patches that don’t have them located in to one place. Instead, they can be created by using item obtained from Treasure Hunter. After using it Divine Herb Patches will be created near player allowing him to collect various herb from it for a few minutes. Although they’re giving amazing Herblore experience and drop valuable herb seeds they are locked to only a few minutes of collecting daily. Players do not have to use their own soil - they can share with others too. To gather resources from these items you need to meet some requirements - 12 lvl in Divination is required for the first patch, 51 for second and 82 for the last one. Collecting from better ones will reward players with better drops and more experience.


Tool Leprechauns

This little fellow is a sign that farming patch is near. You can use his services for free to have your items stored so you don’t have to walk to bank for everything you need and save some inventory space. Store items like Super Compost or Seed Dibber and use this little guy services when necessary.

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Level 1 - 15

Allotment patches


Before level 15 players can’t farm any trees so besides questing (You can finish Fairy Tale quest for important Magic Secateurs and exp) allotment farming is the only option. There are 4 locations where you can find 2 patches next to each other. There you can plant seeds that will grant you experience upon harvesting. To begin this way you will need 15 watermelons or pineapples, buckets of compost and buckets of supercompost, some low-level allotment seeds like potato, onion, cabbage or tomato seeds.


Start off by going to one of the allotment patches and raking any unnecessary weed that is growing there. After you have cleaned your spot dump a bucket of compost on it and bucket of supercompost or cast Fertile Soil Spell after that. For the spell you need Lunar Spellbook. 

If that is done too just plant your seeds and use all of the watermelons on the compost bin. After your crops are ripe harvest all of them and fill your buckets with supercompost from the compost bin.


Repeat this process for every allotment patch that you have available. Most of the low-level crops will take about 40 minutes to grow but you don’t have to be in their area or even online during that time.


If you want to pay farmed to look after your allotments patch here is what you will need:

Potatoes - 2 Buckets of Compost

Onions - Sack of Potatoes

Cabbages - Sack of Onions

Tomatoes - Sack of Cabbages.


Levels 15+



This is probably the most common Runescape farming method. Although this activity doesn’t require too much time it can only be done a few times a day since most of the trees take a long time to grow and there is no magic spell to cast to make it any faster. Farming, unlike other RS3 skills, is based on doing runs during which you will be raking, planting seeds and harvesting already grown trees. This usually takes a few minutes and can be completed every few hours.


To start tree planting you will need 1 sapling for every tree patch that you want to cover and gardening inventory from tool belt like rake, spade and gardening trowel. To create sapling just simply put tree seed into plant pot filled with soil and use the watering can to water your sapling. After that give it a few minutes to grow. When it is ready you can use tree sapling on the tree patch. If you want you can pay NPC farmers to protect your tree from diseases and if not then use supercompost on it so it won’t die as easily. Some time later when the tree is fully grown you can cut it down for log or remove with a shovel (which is the quick one). 


There are various types of payment that can be requested from you by Farmer. Here’s the list of things which will make the NPC content enough to guard your precious plants:

Oak Tree - 1 Basket of Tomatoes

Willow Tree - 1 Basket of Apples

Maple Tree - 1 Basket of Oranges

Yew Tree - 10 Cactus Spines

Magic Tree - 25 Coconuts.


During Tree farming you will travel to many locations around Gielinor like Grand Exchange market, Tai Bwo Wannai, Gnome Stronghold, Falador Park, south west of Tree Gnome Village, Varrock, Brimhaven, Canifis, Harmony Island, Lumbridge Castle, Yanille, Trollheim, Etceteria, Taverley and many more so make sure to get some stamina potions when you farm. These are extremely recommended because using them result in better exp rates and much faster leveling.


Levels 32+

Herb running


Although it is possible to start this way earlier there is no point in collecting herbs that are lower tier than Ranarr. Doing this will net you not only farming XP but also giant profit in gold coins. There are 6 patches that you can farm every 75 minutes and every time you should be able to get around 60 herb worth between 150k and 400k gold coins. Farming experience per run will be in 1-6k range. You can also do wilderness patch if it is possible. So even though this method might be completed on low farming level it won’t be as coins generating as on late game account.


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To do this efficiently you will need to complete a few quests and acquire some teleportation items to reach every herb patch as quickly as possible. There are only a few spots that are easily accessible without any quest completion like ones south of Falador, north of Catherby, north of Ardougne and North of Wilderness Volcano. Additionally, Port Phasmatys and Troll Stronghold patches can be unlocked with quests that do not require high levels.

There are various herbs that you can plant and collect including: Dwarf Weed, Spirit Weed, Kwuarm, Avantoe, Toadflax, Snapdragon, Lantadyme, Cadantine, Harralander, Torstol or Tarromin.


Levels 27+

Fruit trees


This way is not optimal in terms of experience per gold coins spent. If you are new to farming and you want steady exp income just stick to leveling with regular ones. Although if you are already experienced RuneScape veteran and what you desire is the fastest way of leveling this one is for you. 


There are 7 fruit tree patches in the game and you will need one sapling for each of them. You do pretty much everything the same way as with regular ones but keep in mind that this way will cost you way more. If you are willing to spend this extra gold coins to achieve additional experience per day this way is definitely for you. 


Similarly to regular trees here is a list of what payments are required for a Farmer:

Apple Tree - 9 Sweetcorn

Banana Tree - 4 Baskets of Apples

Orange Tree - 3 Baskets of Strawberries

Curry Tree - 5 Baskets of Bananas

Pineapple Plant - 10 Watermelons

Papaya Tree - 10 Pineapples

Palm Tree - 15 Papayas


Levels 74+



There is a chance to train farming through regular combat. To do so you need the called Seedicide that can be acquired from Cabbage Facepunch Bonanza similarly to Farming Outfit. This tool destroys seeds dropped by monsters while also awarding the player with experience that is two times greater than what player would get by planting them. Although it is possible to get this item and use it earlier we advise until 74+ levels so it can be efficient. Best monsters to train with it would be Vyres, Turoths, and Aquanites.


Special trees:

In lands of RuneScape, we can also find tree farming spots which are rarer than regular ones and you definitely cannot plant them at level 1. These require special seeds and sometimes other tools.


Levels 72+ - Calquat Tree

You can find a single patch of Calquat south east of Karamja lodestone. It requires Calquat seed and regular tools. This tree grows for 21.5 hours and farmer will take care of it for 8 Poison Ivy Berries


Levels 83+ - Spirit Tree

Spirit Tree is grown from untradeable seeds that players can get from crushing Bird’s Nests or killing Genodermic Beasts. At level 83 the only one can be grown at the time, at 86 two and at 89 after finishing certain quests 3. They require 5 monkey nuts 1 monkey bar and a ground tooth to be taken care of. Growth time for those? 57 hours.


Levels 90+ - Elder Tree

Single Elder Tree patch can be found in Prifddinas it takes little bit over 70 hours to grow and does not require any particular items. Gardners can be paid with 25 Morchella Mushrooms to keep the tree from danger.


Levels 94+ Crystal Tree

This Tree patch is not like the others. Crystal acorn required to plant Crystal Tree can be dropped from various monsters and is an untradeable item. After you use it on Crystal Tree patch on Prifddinas the tree will grow instantly too full size giving player 50k farming experience. From that time you can start checking on its status couple of times for 15k experience daily. Since it’s so easy to do, it is a nice addition to other leveling methods.


Supply runs: 

This is a safe pvp mini-game which happens every 12 hours. Players can head to Mazcab where Goebie Supplies spawn. You can find them near supply rock close to Querci which is at Kanatah. Players can take up to 10 supplies per day and bring them to Otot in Nemi Forest where they can be exchanged for exp. NPC will offer reward in one of two skills of your choice. If farming is not one of them, you can change worlds to get different ones. This activity can be completed in around 5 minutes and is a nice addition to methods stated before.


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Now that you know everything about effective farming in RuneScape 3, you can grab your Seed Dibber, Magic Watering Can, head towards your player-owned farm, and fertilize hops patches all day long.


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