16.05.2018 0
Transfering Blade and Soul from Unreal Engine 3 to Unreal Engine 4 turned few heads but NCSoft doesn't stop there!
10.05.2018 0
Blade and Soul is kind of a mixed bag, mostly popular due to its well-designed dungeons and PvE content, not so much for PvP. Recently its population was rather in the decline so NCSoft made a decision to finally move this gorgeous game from Unreal Engine 3 to UE 4 and play to its strengths - community and PvE. 
07.10.2017 0
Blade and Soul kicks off Halloween with new dungeons and raids!
12.09.2017 0
Rise of the Gunslinger not only introduces a new class but comes with a lot of changes out of which some were teased in form of "early patch notes"