15.07.2018 0
Pre-Expansion patch is going live on Wednesday. 8.0 will be an official end of the Legion expansion with some activities and achievements being no longer available. Make sure to use those last few days to get most out of Legion because Battle For Azeroth is just around the corner!
22.05.2018 0
As the new World of Warcraft expansion release is closing in, Blizzard keeps releasing sneak-peeks of what to expect. This time we take a look at Alliance starting zone: Drustvar.
10.05.2018 0
One of the harshes punishments in World of Warcraft history has been carried out as a 38-year-old gamer has been sentenced to a year in prison in the US for performing a DDoS attack that struck down on the MMORPG servers in Europe. 
06.03.2018 0
Its payback time! Patch 7.3, the third content patch of World Of Warcraft: Legion, sends heroes of Azeroth to fight their arch-nemesis The Burning Legion on their own homeworld of Argus. 
05.11.2017 0
BlizzCon, as usual, delivered lots of reveals but Battle of Azeroth came as the biggest shocker.
19.10.2017 0
With Legion expansion reaching its end many wonder what comes next. Thanks to one Reddit user and a brief slip-up on Blizzard's side we got a glimpse of what comes next.
17.10.2017 0
It seems that there were some serious problems in the paradise as Elysium server shuts down shrouded in a fraud scandal.