24.07.2018 0
No Man's Sky had a huge media coverage on release and for all the bad reasons. Will disappointed fans get finally the game they have been promised?
15.07.2018 0
Pre-Expansion patch is going live on Wednesday. 8.0 will be an official end of the Legion expansion with some activities and achievements being no longer available. Make sure to use those last few days to get most out of Legion because Battle For Azeroth is just around the corner!
19.06.2018 0
Hauling is one of many jobs players can perform during their time in EvE Online. Often performed by specialized alternate characters, many people concern this a full-time EvE job fulfilling their space-trucker fantasy. In this tutorial, we will cover basics of hauling
17.06.2018 0
Wormholes or W-Space, the final frontier of EvE Online where pilots of all sorts seek riches and glory. Far away from imperial space, with local chat disabled you will never know what danger lurks around the corner. Exploring those hidden pockets of New Eden can prove to be a great source of income for those bold enough to face the dangers inside. We'll take a closer look at the Wormholes to give beginning capsuleers a basic idea of what they are and what to expect on the other side.
15.06.2018 0
Psijic Order skill line has some a few extremely useful skills and passives that you should get your hands on no matter if you play a tank, healer, DPS, PvP or PvE.
14.06.2018 0
Summerset, the new expansion for The Elder Scrolls Online apart from the new landmass introduces new crafting profession: jewellery crafting. This profession is a little bit harder to level up and use but is also very rewarding since being able to craft set accessory pieces unlocks a whole new level of depth when tinkering with sets for your character. 
13.06.2018 0
Today guys and gals from game dev documentary outfit NoClip published a new "making-of" documentary of Fallout 76 revealing huge amounts of information about the game.
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E3 isn't all about the titans of the industry. Electronic Entertainment Expo is also about satellite event where independent developers can show their upcoming games to the world.
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Bethesda E3 showcase had some huge reveals and teasers but biggest of them all was a reveal of Fallout 76 online survival game.
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Black Desert Online publisher for NA and EU region has recently announced over 700 accounts banned for various hacks after a community uproar. Is Kakao actually doing something or is it just a PR-stunt?