05.06.2018 0
Mysterious messages and graphics sent in various Warframe media hinted on the next expansion. Now we know it'll be called "Sacrifice".
04.06.2018 0
It's this time of year again when EvE players can participate in the most unprecedented event in online-gaming history: CSM elections, where they can cast a vote to choose their representatives to the council of capsuleers that guard player interests and negotiate changes with the developers of EvE Online: CCP. 
01.06.2018 0
Bethesda dropped a new teaser for their upcoming game: Fallout 76 and the second it landed rumours regarding the title have spread like wildfire.
31.05.2018 0
Following the last years Thargoid Invasion, Elite Dangerous launched " Beyond" the first part of this space-sims third season. Now pilots can brace themselves as Chapter Two has been set to release on June 28th. 
30.05.2018 0
With midseason, patch launched its time for Albion to reveal its next big content update dubbed "Merlyn"
28.05.2018 0
As Bless Online is preparing for launch Neowiz coaxes players into buying a "Founder Pack" to gain some early-start advantage.
25.05.2018 0
New multiplayer ARPG by Phoenix Labs is taking PC gaming market by the storm!
24.05.2018 0
Newest patch, apart from daily rewards overhaul, introduces completely new class: Lahn.
22.05.2018 0
As the new World of Warcraft expansion release is closing in, Blizzard keeps releasing sneak-peeks of what to expect. This time we take a look at Alliance starting zone: Drustvar.
20.05.2018 0
Lost Ark, a highly anticipated isometric action MMORPG will be entering final and closed beta test for Korean players on May 23, 201