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Dubbed as "just another early-access survival" Conan Exiles prepares for official launch with tons of new features.
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Pearl Abyss is having a hard time satisfying the hardcore PvP crowd in their award-winning MMORPG Black Desert Online. Jae-hee Kim, executive producer of the game addresses some of the issues in his open letter to the players.
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Here are 5 titles that will surely make some heads turn in 2017/2018, be sure to remember them!
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Its payback time! Patch 7.3, the third content patch of World Of Warcraft: Legion, sends heroes of Azeroth to fight their arch-nemesis The Burning Legion on their own homeworld of Argus. 
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First DLC after Morrowind features two new dungeons and two new battlegrounds. Gather your friends and save Falkreath from the Reachmen!
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LCS team H2K gaming calls out Riot on their unfair business practices towards professional teams in an open letter.
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Launch of Destiny 2 is not all Bungie has in store for us in September
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Record of Lodoss War Online is a high-fantasy MMORPG game based on the popular manga and anime series by Ryo Mizuno "Record of Lodoss War". The game have now been released global thanks to Korean gaming platform Game & Game.
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Malaysia blocks Steam service over a game Fight of Gods by PQube Studios where players pit various deities against each other.
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Years of development, countless delays and speculations are finally over - MU Legend is finally here!