05.11.2017 0
BlizzCon, as usual, delivered lots of reveals but Battle of Azeroth came as the biggest shocker.
02.11.2017 0
Black Desert Online siege warfare just got revolutionized!
30.10.2017 0
WildStar is still alive and kicking and to celebrate the release of new content it gives out free toon for you to try out.
26.10.2017 0
Magic The Gathering Arena has been announced briefly last month and it's already jumping into closed beta!
25.10.2017 0
After the great success of PUBG and Fortnite, more games want to tap into that stream of popularity. Will "Battle Royale" game mode will become new MOBA?
23.10.2017 0
After quite successful expansion Scorched Earth it is time for another one - Aberration. Unfortunately, fans all over the world will have to tame some patience for this one.
22.10.2017 0
Out of thin air Bless Online appeared on Steam with huge "Coming Soon 2018" tag on it - and that is enough for people to go crazy!
19.10.2017 0
With Legion expansion reaching its end many wonder what comes next. Thanks to one Reddit user and a brief slip-up on Blizzard's side we got a glimpse of what comes next.
18.10.2017 0
Finally, after a long wait, Albion decided to launch trial accounts but again - there is a catch and community is not very happy about it.
17.10.2017 0
It seems that there were some serious problems in the paradise as Elysium server shuts down shrouded in a fraud scandal.