16.10.2017 0
It's this time of the year again, Witchmother calls!
16.10.2017 0
CCP revealed at EvE vegas planned boost to the free-to-play alpha accounts and it's massive.
14.10.2017 0
It’s finally here! Long awaited open-world upgrade to this free-to-play masterpiece just went live and we still can’t believe its free.
12.10.2017 0
With clockwork city around the corner, let's take a brief peek into the new raid - Asylum Sanctorium
11.10.2017 0
One of the hot topics of this years' EvE Vegas were the changes to structural combat and its HUGE!
07.10.2017 0
Blade and Soul kicks off Halloween with new dungeons and raids!
05.10.2017 0
ESO celebrates going past the 10 million unique players mark.
03.10.2017 0
It finally happened, 17 servers become 5!
02.10.2017 0
Age of Wushu wasn't a great hit on Western markets. Perhaps it will take a turn with its new survival format.
02.10.2017 0
Update 16 comes with more than Clockwork City, in addition to Sotha Sil realm ESO receives a Xbox One X optimization.