30.09.2017 0
The unexpected popularity of PUBG forces Bluehole Inc. to restructure giving birth to PUBG Corp.
29.09.2017 0
Sometimes you just have to learn to let go.... PUBG.
26.09.2017 0
Blizzard does not stop filling the Overwatch roster in Heroes of The Storm. After the recent update Ana joins D.Va, Genji, Lucio, Zarya and Tracer in the nexus.
26.09.2017 0
Runefest held in London shows that Runescape franchise is far from dying. What is more, players are promised new content and cross-platform play.
23.09.2017 0
It's finally here. Guild Wars 2, one of the major MMO's of last five years got another big expansion launched - Path of Fire.
21.09.2017 0
First big content patch is finally announced. Biggest change: pvp arena.
20.09.2017 0
The long-awaited content patch is finally making it to EU/NA servers.
19.09.2017 0
Another DLC for Elder Scrolls Online is not only new places and dungeons as we learn from PTS patch notes.
15.09.2017 0
The fight goes on as Blizzard keeps banning the toxic players, for some it seems futile but it won't stop Jeff Kaplan and his team!
13.09.2017 0
Every MMO has its dramas but when EVE does it, it makes the news.