ArcheAge Extravaganza - PTS Event about to begin!

ArcheAge pts extravaganza event
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Archeage Extravaganza Event Start

July 24 at 6 p. m. UTC much hyped ArcheAge Extravaganza event is going to take place. After logging into PTS, players will be able to visit East Hiram Mountains. The portals will open in the cities of Austera and Marianople.

Players that decide to log-in will be the first to see pre-release Eastern Hiram Mountains, participate in events and win prizes for their Live Server characters.

Events to take place

According to iArches, the ArcheAge Community Manager, there will be such events as:

* Protect the CM - the CM needs to travel from the Hall of Warriors to the Northern Gate. Every player to protect the CM from Eastern Hiram Mountains will receive 10x Sweet Candy on the live server

* Monster Madness - defeat the monsters coming in waves. All participants will gain 5x Loyalty Tokens per wave survived

* Trivia - first person to answer trivia questions about Hiram Mountains will win 10x Manastorm Crystals per correct answer.

Get a stock of ArcheAge Gold and spend it on anything that you may need in-game!

Reasons for extravaganza

As iArches stated, the event will be held to celebrate the Echoes of Hiram update coming out by the end of June. The update will bring a new location to the game along with some other changes, like:

  • increasement of Ancestral level cap - up to 55
  • new Abyssal Library armor sets
  • new awakened Erenor gear
  • new achievements for collecting pets.

Community response

ArcheAge community is very excited about the update. People are happy to hear that at last something new is going on.

Since its release in 2014 ArcheAge had its ups and downs. One day even the game shutdown was considered! Luckily for players, Trion sold assets (that included ArcheAge) off to Gamigo. Thanks to that move the game has its affairs sorted out, as you can tell by the surge of our offers.


New PTS event ‘extravaganza’ is just another proof that the game is doing well.

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