Lineage 2 Essence - A New Version of the Hit MMORPG!

Lineage 2 Essence
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Lineage 2 Essence has arrived in Europe!

A brand new official free-to-play version of Lineage 2 has been made available to European players on October 2nd. The game can be played on PC, and it has been dubbed “Lineage 2 Classic for casual players”. It has been released by 4Game – the company that’s already distributing the Lineage 2 and Lineage 2 Classic on the European market.

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Auto-hunting and other features

L2 Essence includes some features that make it much more casual-friendly than Classic. It’s going to have an accelerated leveling process and the widely discussed auto-hunting feature. It’s a quite controversial addition to the game. Many players believe that it’s just a built-in, fully legal bot that lets people progress without any effort. They will barely even have to play the game. Others believe that it makes the game more inclusive because it allows even the most casual players to get the full Lineage 2 experience – having the opportunity to check out all the content.

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Furthermore, the game is more accessible to solo players. Forming a clan and joining up in a party can still be beneficial and fun, but it’s much less necessary than in L2 Classic server. The same goes for multiple accounts. Lineage 2 Essence players may find better success developing only their main character – spoilers, crafters and buffers are less crucial. Players are also able to get additional experience thanks to new features like Magic Lamp and Sayha’s Grace. Gatekeeper NPCs have been replaced by the teleportation feature that users can access and use everywhere.


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Lineage 2 Essence - a new version of L2

At the same time, the game still is Lineage II with a lot of its trademark MMORPG PvE and PvP content. In this version of NCSoft's title, there will be six races and 34 playable classes (developers may add more later). Players can take part in the epic castle sieges and various raid boss fights. In the future, there will also be a possibility to compete in the daily Olympiad and strive to get the Hero status. If you want to experience the endgame Lineage 2 content, without having to devote too much time to gaming, Essence might be perfect for you! Jump right in, start a new character, explore the world, get to high level, embark on raids and slay the most powerful bosses!

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