GTA V Online - Triple Rewards from Races and Discounts for Sports Cars!

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Grand Theft Auto V Online has a new event going on currently - “3x GTA$ &RP”.  The event will take place between June 27th and July 3rd. Player will have a chance of obtaining some extra unique time-limited cosmetics, some extra money, as well as some Reputation Points.

More GTA Money & Reputation Points


Log in during this period and do some Sports Car activities. Take part in Hotring Circuit, Issi Classic, and RC Bandito Races. Jump into your car and do some Stunt Races and Time Trials as well. From each activity during this one-week period players will gain increased rewards in a form of GTA$ and Reputation Points. 


From Issi Classic and RC Bandito Races each player participating in such activities will be rewarded with three times the GTA$ and RP. When it comes to Stunt Races and Time Trials, we will get double rewards from each competition. 


Free Hoodie & Discounts


There’s more. If you are not willing to spend some time racing in sports cars - just by logging in during this time - you will collect a sweet looking Nagasaki White Hoodie completely free of charge! 

Get yourself a supply of GTA V Money and use it to buy whatever you need!


And if you want to get a sports car only for yourself, whether it’s Progen T20, or the famous Dinka Jester Classic - there are plenty of favourable deals with discounts that will allow you to purchase these cars for a nickel.


30% Off


Progen T20

Truffade Nero

Ocelot XA-21

Progen Tyrus

RC Bandito

All Vehicle Liveries


35% Off


Dinka Jester Classic

Grotti Itali GTO

Declasse Hotring Sabre

Vapid Flash GT

Declasse Drift Tampa

Hijak Ruston


40% Off


Weeny Issi Classic

Nagasaki Shotaro

Western Motorcycle Company Gargoyle

Nagasaki Chimera

The event ends on July 3rd, so make sure to make some free time for GTA 5 Online, to purchase these sweet goods, and increase the numbers on your bank account. And if you are willing to enhance your GTAV Online experience, then check out auctions on our website -! Don’t miss the chance to get some deals!

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