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As TFT experiences its second Assassin meta in a row, it's starting to seem that learning to play might be really useful if you want to climb on the ranked ladder. Read our guide to get a better understanding of this class, its champions and best itemization choices!
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Knights are a very reliable frontline that is also relatively easy to build. However, there are some really strong team comps that utilize this synergy even in the endgame. Read this guide to learn about the strongest Knight builds in TFT!
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Do you want to know how to get to rank 14 in Classic WoW? How to grasp the best gear in the game? How to reach the eternal glory and honor? Step in, find out, how to do it, and if it's worth it.
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Teamfight Tactics is one of the new hit online games. While it can be extremely fun and satisfying, it might be a little difficult for new players, especially since it's lacking a proper tutorial. Check out this guide to learn about all the important basics of TFT.
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Destiny 2 goes free with the most recent release of Destiny 2: New Light & Destiny 2: Shadowkeep DLC!
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There are six classes to choose from in Elder Scrolls Online. They all have access to at least two or three separate playstyles and some of them can fill the same roles in group content. However, they still have access to different abilities and passive skills.
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All Diablo 3 Classes can work really well when solo-farming, which is definitely te most important aspect of the game. That being said, specific builds and playstyles will differ a lot, depending on your class choice. Read this guide to learn more about it!
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There are couple of extraordinary items in Vanilla WoW. They're strong, coveted, and really hard to get. Some of you probably know them already, some not. We're breaking the legendary items down in this guide.
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Jeweler is one of the few crafting disciplines that is actually useful to all the GW2 characters. It's the only class that can craft gemstones and accessories - items that are useful to everyone!
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Scribe is a unique, guild-focused crafting discipline. It can can let you create furniture and decorations for your Guild Hall and a few other items. Learn more about this endgame crafter from our guide!