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PUBG is a game that started as a mod of another title. Because of that, a lot of players expected a strong modding support. Is that actually the case? Read this article and find out!
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Read about the ranking system in Playerunknown's Battlegrounds and see what you have to do to advance to higher tiers of competitive play.
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Learn about Talent Tree in Dota2 and see for yourself which heroes can benefit the most from perk choices. Step-up your game with the right decision making!
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Clash Royale with its remarkable popularity is another proof that SuperCell has an excellent idea, how to make a gripping mobile game. Today we have a guide for beginners, to let them learn the basics of each card in Clash Royale.
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The foundation of battle in Clash Royale is the Deck - a selection of cards used for deploying the troops onto the arena. Here we talk about the most prevalent compositions, and how to use them.
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Star Level is a feature in Clash Royale added in a December 2018 update to implement some cool changes for players, who have their cards maxed. Read more here!
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Many of us, Clashers, have more than one Clash of Clans account. Some of us own the whole clans! How to not get lost among multiple CoC villages? We'll tell you how.
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A quick guide on how to counter enemy heroes with your picks, items and specific playstyles. Win all of your games and improve your MMR today!
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Many of us will need more than one Clash of Clans account. Many will have only one device to play. In this guide, we'll tell you how to create and manage multiple CoC accounts on one smartphone.
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Learn about Behavior Score mechanics in Dota2 and use this knowledge to your advantage. Avoid toxic players and improve your MMR with our guide!