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Scholar is a healer that mainly focuses on preventing the damage with powerful shields and barriers. Read this guide to learn more about this job's versatile skill set.
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Check out our World of Warcraft endgame guide and see for yourself that the real game starts after reaching max level!
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White Mage is the most traditional healer in FFXIV. Read this guide to learn how to use holy powers to keep your party alive and smite your foes!
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Learn how to gain reputation with all of the factions in World of Warcraft and benefit from endless well of mount, pet and title rewards.
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Red Mage combines powerful ranged spells with melee combos executed with a rapier. It's an interesting and useful job that's also quite easy to learn!
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Do you want to find out how best money-makers in the game get millions of gold for everything they want? We have it all explained!
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Ever wanted to completely dominate the entire map in League of Legends? Learn Macro for the jungle role to carry games by yourself!
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Monk is a great melee DPS job that has to move around the battlefield and flank it's enemies to unlock the full potential. Read this guide to learn about the complex kit of FFXIV Monk!
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A Guide to Toys in World of Warcraft - small items made for fun that comes from using them can be suprisingly useful. Come inside and see for yourself how can you benefit from toy features.
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If you like quick combos and dynamic playstyle, Machinist can be the perfect FFXIV job for you! Check out our guide to learn about this great ranged DPS character!