EvE Online: Into The Abyss

EvE Online: Into The Abyss
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Into The Abyss embraces the single-player, introduces a new piece of lore the New Edens, mysterious faction of Triglavians. They have been hidden from us for years using unique quantum technology that allowed them to live hidden in their "private" pockets of space and time and now, as CONCORD got a hold on their tech, pilots can finally explore those hidden instances, bringing players new single-player content to enjoy. 

What is Abyssal deadspace

It is not your typical DED site. It is focused on high-risk high-reward short sessions that force players to make split-second decisions to survive. You will need to learn their mechanics and patterns through trial and error because doing top-tier Abyssal Dedspace complexes will require not only beastly fitted cruiser but also lots of experience since the instances last only for 20 minutes. Once you enter the instance (that can be done from anywhere in space) clock starts ticking, each sequence is divided into three pockets linked together by gateways that open once challenge of each pocket is finished, only last "room" contains exit from the sequence. If you won't make it out in 20 minutes the entire instance collapses with you in it. 

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Abyssal Deadspace can be entered from anywhere in space using special filaments that, once obtained, can be activated from your cargo hold, upon entering players leave a trace that can be scanned down with combat probes. There are some restrictions: item opening the gateway can be only activated from a Cruiser-class ship cargo, in a certain distance from a celestial and without any active aggro timers. The filament will provide basic information about what you can encounter inside in its description, so you can prepare better for the challenges ahead. There are a total of 5 tiers of Abyssal Deadspace and retrieving technology from last two tiers, will put a suspect status on your head, seems like CONCORD does not like capsuleers having their hands on that newfound technology. 


Inside you will notice other limitations similar to wormhole space: no local chat, locked down warp drive, inability to scan or deploy structures. Those sites are not like anything you have seen in EvE so far, pockets are smaller and packed with debris and scenic effects. Various "weather" conditions affect ship modules and stats and structures deploying localized effects both beneficial and harmful making positioning extremely important when exploring those sites. You will also encounter a variety of drones, drifters and sleepers exploring those sites. Triglavian units have unique energy weapons that have their damage increase over time as long as you are in the range of their destructive beam so managing your distance is a top priority when fighting the collective.


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