How much is WoW gold worth? A look at the most important in-game coin

How much is WoW gold worth
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Battling Archimonde’s army upon Mount Hyjal, leading Arthas to the Frozen Throne, following steps of Gul’Dan we just enjoyed traveling across the Azeroth and completing one quest after another. When playing awesome Warcraft video game we had little to no idea what’s coming. A small glimpse of genius born in 1994 in Blizzard Entertainment developers minds introduced by far the biggest global MMO gaming phenomenon in history, as in 2018/2019 there were over 10 mln registered accounts.  

And even though fighting against Burning Legion in PC game was an amazing experience, still it’s MMO version is no less exciting. Just form a raiders guild and after a couple of raids against former Eredar, now Nathrezim demon called Kil’jaeden, you’ll notice the difference. And there are even more like Jaina Proudmoore, Lady Vashj, Sargeras, Deathwing and most recently Queen Azshara.

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WoW gold farming

A couple of years ago, when WoW was growing like a baby on steroids, many players saw a potential to not only excel in the game itself but also do something with their lives. They’ve started to farm an immense amount of virtual coins to sell it later on. The term "gold farming" was soon implemented as a commonly used term to describe the practice. So yes - if we’re are talking about farming gold World of Warcraft has carved the path for other MMO powerhouses.


This alone shows how big the business is. Big enough to make huge companies pop-up at a rate of rabbits breeding in the wild.

How to get lots of gold in world of warcraft

This topic causes red hot discussions to erupt throughout the Internet and place like Reddit are burning from a tension. Every WoW player needs gold in order to buy the best items, armor, mount (or collect mounts) or just a token.


There was no magic way of becoming rich in Burning Crusade, Warlords of Draenor or Legion. There is none in Battle for Azeroth or any other expansion that is yet to come. Everything takes time and hard work, sweat, and blood. But there are a couple of things you can do.


This includes pure farming and crafting with its main focus around professions. There are more than enough profession guides on making gold in WoW. Sometimes one may think, that some people know better how to make money in World of Warcraft than in the real world.

However, making digital gold in WoW can earn you some real money as well. We’ll get to that later on.


Pure farming is something that requires a lot of patience and self-control. Collecting herbs, ores, skins or fishing for a couple of hours day after day may eventually bore you to death. But the money is there, as more than one player is able to make a living out of it, and living costs.



A bit of a coin flip and conditional way of earning money in Azeroth. You should be able to do some lesser dungeons by yourself if your character is specced for it, but for a bigger bounty, you will need a party. It’s not easy to find good, skilled and most of all well-coordinated team, but as soon as you manage to do it, your account balance profits should be considerable.


Keep in mind to put an initial investment into the equation. Spending money on gear and consumables lowers your maximum net profit.


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Boosting others

Let’s say you managed to grind your way to really valuable items with high iLevel. Then you went on to buy an XP lock from store sellers, which is available in Orgrimmar for Horde and Stormwind City for Alliance. Then you’ve found someone who wants to level up to 100, 110 or 120 faster than normally. So you take him to Freehold or and you kill hordes of mobs. You get no XP, but your companion gets his share.


Then he pays you 30 - 40k gold for a level depending on your efficiency. Boosting for an hour can make you 70 - 120 k gold. That’s NA WoW Token in almost an hour. $20 stays in your pocket. We’d say worth it.


Power leveling

Have you ever dreamt about someone else grinding in your place? Have you ever asked yourself how beautiful life would be if WoW characters were reaching 120 level without you grinding for minutes, hours, days?

Or maybe you’ve lost your account and you don’t want to sacrifice your life to go from bottom to the top once again?

It’s possible, but these are kind of luxury features. If you have a deep wallet or high credit card limit and some safe mechanisms (like MMO Auctions Scam Killer) you can hire someone to level up for you.


But beware. By ordering a power leveling service you take the risk. You can get still scammed just like Arthas got fooled by his nemesis - Mal’Ganis. Maybe not that much, but your money will be lost and you’’ have a lesson to learn.


Tanking services

This works only for specific classes and races dedicated to take a whopping and survive. Why do you pay for a tank? It’s simple, nobody wants to play this class. Everyone select Warlock, Hunter, Rogue or Mage, and do damage. Standing there and taking punches may seem boring, but because of this, there is a demand for a good tank machine. Which is why you can post your tanking help offer in a trading panel and wait for damage dealers to come up. We’re sure there will be more than enough players willing to pay.



We shouldn’t come up with such obviousness, but not mentioning it would also be a mistake.


Of course, you can get some worthy items while killing mobs and lesser bosses. If you are patient and motivated enough you can land some great, rare items, like Pendulum of Doom, which according to the community never drops.


Auction House trading

If you have some initial gold or other assets, if you are familiar with WoW trading based add-ons (like Undermine Journal which is great prices tracker), you may try your luck on the Auction House. Although it’s kind of venture capital. A well-populated realm is wealthy in terms of both gold and items stock. There has been a restriction disallowing cross-faction trading between Alliance and Horde, and you had to go to neutral Auction House in Dalaran, Steamwheedle Cartel in Undermine or Shattrath. Now it’ not the case and items can be bought in either market.


WoW market is sort of open, so supply and demand rules apply. As long as someone decides to provide an item, someone will be able to buy it. We have covered the topic already and there are plenty of other guides to read about it.


The real-world WoW gold value


How many times did you ask yourself whether it’s possible to earn by playing video games? Well, it may be not as impossible as you’d once thought.


There are two viable conversions for World of Warcraft in-game currency - legal and black market.


WoW token

Since the implementation of WoW tokens, the in-game gold market underwent huge changes. World of Warcraft black market and gold makers received dark message. Since now you can buy in-game gold with real-world money legally, why would you need shady traders?


Official World of Warcraft gold exchange rate is easy to calculate, as there is more than enough data. How much WoW token cost? Currently, its value is:

- US - $ 20 USD or $25 AUD,

- EU - €20 EUR or £15 GBP,

- China - ¥75 CNY,

- Taiwan -  NT$500 TWD,

- South Korea - ₩22,000 KRW.


The in-game value is (as of today 02-09-2019):

- US - 158,000 g,

- EU - 207,000 g,

- China - 286,000,

- Korea - 314,000 g,

- Taiwan - 318,000 g.


Keep in mind that you can pay your subscription with Token.


Black market World of warcraft gold value

Depending on a web site you’ve found yourself peeking on the value can vary. However, for most of them, prices should be noticeably lower than the WoW token ratio. It also depends on the region due to different WoW Token prices. If you look good, you may run into the quantity discount offer and buy it dirt cheap.

How much is WoW Gold worth? Currently average price is:

- for EU - 7,5 - 10,5k gold for 1€,

- for NA - 8 - 10k gold for 1$.

Of course, these are only offers. For EU a minimum transaction value should be 200 000 gold for 20€, for players to consider it worth. Otherwise, sellers are trying to scam under-informed victim. Let's face it - if you had a choice to buy 200k gold legally or illegally, what would you choose? Thus the black market offer must be really good.


Prices keep changing so it’s better to check it yourself. However, there is an opinion that black market gold price is nowhere near the value which would make it worth buying over the official source.


Also, keep in mind that it might be unavailable in some realms.



In August 2019 there will be an official long-awaited WoW Classic server released for players, who fell in love with the OG game, the one and only patch 1.12 version. Farming and leveling back then was hard like forging an iron sword without a fire. Thus there might be a demand for certain services. 


Future will show us what’s it gonna be and how much Vanilla gold will be worth. For now, retail WoW gold is rather demanded. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be as much gold makers as there is.


Will it ever change? Maybe, in time. When people and players will get bored and start quitting, when there is no more demand, WoW gold value will drop as well. But we’d not recommend thinking it’s going to happen anytime soon.


WoW trade

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What is the WoW gold value?


Current value depends on region - WoW currency value varies from 6 to 10k gold for $1.


How do I get gold in WoW?


You can earn it via in-game activities like farming, raiding or boosting.

Or you can buy it.


How can I buy WoW gold?


You can do it official way and unofficial. The official way is to buy WoW token and exchange it for in-game gold. The unofficial way is gold being sold outside of the game.


What is WoW token?


It’s an item implemented into WoW similar to EVE Online trademarks PLEX. You can buy it from Blizzard’s shop and get gold for it or exchange it for game time. You can also purchase a token for in-game gold.

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